ArcGIS™ Geo-database Design Training

ArcGIS™ Geo-Database Modeling – 1 Day Course

For organizations wanting to design their ArcGIS™ Geo-databases using a full featured, repository-based modeling tool.

Why Choose This Course?

The course caters to organizations that want to not only model their Geo-database schema, but also relate its constructs to Business (e.g. requirements) and/or Application Architecture (e.g. XML schemas) elements within the same multi-User repository.

Course Overview

ESRI-LogoThis course covers all the techniques for modeling an ArcGIS™ Geo-database in Enterprise Architect.
Topics include defining workspaces, creating feature and domain classes, configuring spatial references, validating the model, and exporting it to an ArcGIS XML schema.

Besides teaching the notation, the course instructs the student on the use of the core tool features such as searching and documentation generation, and includes hands-on exercises and best practice recommendations.

Who Should Attend?

Analysts, architects and developers with a basic understanding of the ArcGIS Geo-database schema constructs.

What Will You Learn?

Course Modules

Module: Introduction to Enterprise Architect

  • User Interface
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Diagrams
  • Creating Diagram Elements
  • Managing Diagram Element Appearance
  • Deleting Model Elements
  • Managing Connectors
  • Managing Package Content
  • Tool Configuration

Module: ArcGIS Geo-database Design

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Workspace Model

    • Features
    • Domains
    • Spatial References
  • Concepts
    • Class
    • Point
    • Polyline, Polygon
    • MultiPatch, MultiPoint
    • Table
    • Subtype
    • Coded Value and Range Domains
    • Fields and Indexes
    • Topology
    • Raster
    • Relationships
  • Diagram display options
  • Customizing system fields
  • Validating the workspace model
  • Exporting an ArcGIS XML schema
  • Importing models from Visio
  • Exercise

Tool Features

Module: Traceability and Navigation
  • Overview
  • The Relationships window
  • The Relationship Matrix
  • The Gap Analysis Matrix
  • The Traceability window
  • Other traceability features
Module: Core Features
  • Documentation Generation
  • Document Artifacts
  • Model Searches
  • Managing Baselines and Comparing Models


At the completion of this course, students will be able to fully specify and validate their Geo-database architecture, as well as associate its constructs with other repository elements such as requirements, organizations, and logical and/or physical database models.

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