Business Process Execution Language Training


Enacting BPMN with BPEL - 1 or 2 Day Course

For development organizations seeking to make their BPMN™ models executable by means of the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) implementation provided by Enterprise Architect.

Why Choose This Course?

This course will prove invaluable to organizations wishing to transform their process models, in particular the orchestration of internal and/or external process activities, directly into an executable syntax. This direct BPMN-to-BPEL mapping path ensures that the process models, as understood by the business stakeholders, are also the processes being enacted in production.

Course Overview

Enacting BPMN with BPEL covers how business process models that have been (or will be) built using the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN™) in Enterprise Architect can be made executable by generating Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) artifacts from them.

Who Should Attend?

This one day (or two day if extended with a workshop) intensive course is designed for the architects and engineers who will be responsible for augmenting the BPMN models developed by the business analysts with additional properties and artifacts, in order to provide the basis from which BPEL can be generated.

Course Prerequisites

            • Strong knowledge of BPMN™.
            • Basic understanding of BPEL concepts.
            • Access to a BPEL validation, simulation and/or execution engine.
            • Prior experience with Enterprise Architect.

What Will You Learn?

Course Modules

Module: Introduction to Enterprise Architect

  • User Interface
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Diagrams
  • Creating Diagram Elements
  • Managing Diagram Element Appearance
  • Deleting Model Elements
  • Managing Connectors
  • Managing Package Content
  • Tool Configuration

Module: Mapping BPMN to BPEL

  • BPMN to BPEL Mapping Rules
    • General Rules
    • Rules Imposed by EA
    • Creating a BPEL Model and Process
    • BPEL Validation
  •  Mappings for:
    • Start, End and Intermediate Event
    •  Loop Activity
    • Sub-Process
    • Task Activity
    • Gateways
    • Exception Flows
    • Looping Flows
  • Supporting Types
    • Assignment
    • Message
  • Creating Web Services
  • Generating BPEL


Business process enactment is a powerful step in closing the traditional gap which exists between the enterprise processes as viewed by the business stakeholders, and the implementation provided by IT. Cephas has been helping a large number of clients over the years build up their portfolio of business process models: this course opens the door for transforming these abstract models and turn them into the heart of a realized service-oriented architecture.

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