Code Generation From Behavior Training


Code Generation From UML Behavior Models - 1 Day Course

For development organizations seeking to utilize their UML® behavioral diagrams modeled in Enterprise Architect as a source for generating code.

Why Choose This Course?

This course will be very valuable to development teams who spend considerable time and effort building UML® behavioral models, and would like harvest the logic embedded in these models into source code.

Course Overview

This course delves into the mechanics, constraints and idiosyncrasies of generating source code from UML® behavioral diagrams (Activity, Sequence and State Machines) modeled in Enterprise Architect.

 It includes many examples and exercises.

Course Prerequisites

Required: knowledgeable in UML® and experienced in using Enterprise Architect.

Who Should Attend?

Architects and designers who know how to build UML® behavioral diagrams and are familiar with the EA code generation capabilities.

What will you learn?

Course Modules

Module: Code From Behavior Module

  • Code generation from:
    • State Machines (with patterns)
    • Activity Diagrams
    • Sequence Diagrams
    • Business Rules (optional)


Considerable value can be found inside well constructed UML® behavioral diagrams, and transforming their encoded rules and algorithms into code can be very useful. In order to make this mapping possible, Enterprise Architect imposes a number of constraints on how the diagrams should be constructed. Our training course will help you understand these constraints in order to maximize the value that can be extracted out of these models.

Course Syllabus

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Online web-based class, from the comfort of your desk!

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