Dashboard Extension

This extension to Enterprise Architect (version 9.3 or later) offers the ability to display a project status dashboard through a grid like interface embedded within the tool's diagramming area.

The main features of the add-in include:
  • A non-modal interface, so all other EA windows can be used at the same time.
  • Status values are computed for Requirements, Use Cases, Classes and Components.
  • Values are reported for the following element related properties, with each report section broken down by element stereotype:
    • Element status (proposed, validated, approved, implemented, etc.).
    • Element realization (i.e. whether an element is realized by means of a particular association in the model).
    • Test items broken down by type (unit, system, scenario, etc.) and by status (pass, fail, deferred, etc.).
    • Maintenance items broken down by type (defect, issue, etc.) and by status (new, verified, complete).
The interface allows for:
  • Toggling the display of element types in the grid.
  • Toggling the display of sections in the grid.
  • Constraining, for each element type, the computed results to a subset of the model (a package hierarchy).
  • Exporting the dashboard to Microsoft Excel.
  • Configuring the dashboard settings through an external XML file.
For details of how the extension operates, please see the End User Documentation. Also make sure that the End User License Agreement is in accord with your company's legal standards!
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This extension is free to all our currently active clients (a client is considered active if any software, training or service has been purchased from Cephas Consulting within the last 18 months prior to this request).