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Business Modeling with Eriksson-Penker – 1 Day Course

For organizations seeking to model their business architecture using the Eriksson-Penker Business Extensions, in conjunction with the features of the Enterprise Architect modeling tool.

Why Choose This Course?

The course offers a fast way of learning a semantically rich toolset that is specifically designed for modeling business architectures but without the complexity of the BPMN™ notation. The Eriksson/Penker metamodel allows the modeler to specify processes, business events, goals, resources, rules and other conceptual artifacts in a User friendly notation.

Course Overview

Business Modeling with the Eriksson-Penker UML Profile teaches students how to capture their business architecture in the same tool used by analysts and designers for modeling the implementation specifications.   The course covers all of the profile’s extensions to UML®, both in terms of their meaning as well as their graphical notation in Enterprise Architect. It includes project setup, hands-on exercises and best practices.

Who Should Attend?

Business analysts, project managers and enterprise architects seeking to leverage a simple yet versatile notation, including well established patterns, for quickly modeling a business architecture.

What Will You Learn?

Course Highlights for 2-Day Class

EA Introduction Module

“Introduction to Enterprise Architect”

  • User Interface
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Diagrams
  • Tool Configuration
 E-P Module

Concepts, Notation and Views

  • Business System Concepts
    • Resource, Process, Goal and Rule
    • Concepts Metamodel
  • Notation
    • Sub-Process and Activity
    • Business Events
    • Goals and Problems
    • Business Rules
  • Business Views
    • Vision, Process, Structure and Behavior
  • Example Model
Traceability Module

Traceability and Navigation

  • Overview
  • The Relationship Matrix
  • The Gap Analysis Matrix
  • The Traceability window
Core Features Module

Core Tool Features

  • Generating Documentation
  • Searching the Repository
  • Managing Baselines and Comparing Models
  • Document Artifacts
Exercise Module

End-to-End Modeling Exercise

  • The online bookstore model (or a User defined exercise)


This course helps participants respond quickly to the growing demand for business architecture and business models. These models then become amenable for mapping to lower level analysis and design artifacts, thus enabling complete complete end-to-end traceability between the needs expressed by the business and the solutions provided by IT.

Course Syllabus

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