From the Depths of Business Process Models – A Case Study

True value is ‘ready’ process data reported comprehensively and in perspective to primary stakeholders!

Business process models can be very complex, spanning multiple levels of definition, represented by many inter-related diagrams. A key challenge that this client faced was the ability to produce a role-focused process report, meaning a report of all of the process steps that a role in the modeled organization is responsible for. Enterprise Architect’s built-in RTF templates and custom report generation capabilities are geared towards reporting on the structural properties of model elements. This particular client’s situation required the ability to traverse relationships at the model element and at the diagram levels.

This case study presents the solution that Cephas developed for this client to enable them to traverse and report on any number of loosely associated business process models. The models use a combination of EA Analysis and UML® Sequence diagrams. The purpose is to collect information about a given process role, and to structure the resulting data in a Word document format defined by the client.