Process Improvement

Independently of the modeling tool used, a mature development organization needs its supporting models to be:

  • Of high quality and consistency.
  • Defined with the right level of precision and detail.
  • Accurately reflecting the real world!

Our years of work in the "trenches" can help you both reach that level of maturity and measurably improve your software development processes. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, for example: 

  • By training a key group of modelers in the fine arts of modeling disciplines such as applying analysis/design/architecture patterns and using design-by-contract specifications.
  • By assisting you in setting up a "model review board" or other type of governance body that can :
    • a) define modeling standards;
    • b) develop documentation and guidance around them;
    • c) verify their application.
  • By facilitating the establishment of a review process whereby the business stakeholders can validate that the models conform to the business needs.
  • By customizing the tool so that it provides the metrics and validation reports needed to assess how well the models meet the defined requirements.

We look forward to discuss these options, and more, with you. So please contact us!