Requirements Creation Extension

Cephas Consulting offers a Requirements Creation Extension into Enterprise Architect version 9.1 or later!
This extension allows you to:
  • Create new Requirements by dragging and dropping text out of Microsoft Word or other text based applications.
  • Define a consistent prefix for Requirement names (e.g. "The System shall...").
  • Retain Requirement type, status and priority selections in between creations.
  • Maintain original (RTF) text formatting.
  • Query the repository for existing Requirements with a similar description, to avoid creating duplicates.
  • Drag and drop, or copy and paste, file links or URLs as external links of the Requirement.
  • Drag and drop an RTF file to be automatically uploaded as the Linked Document for the Requirement.
For details of how the extension operates, please see the End User Documentation. Also make sure that the End User License Agreement is in accord with your company's legal standards!
Simply fill out the form below and we will email you the password that provides access to the download page.
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This extension is free to all our currently active clients (a client is considered active if any software, training or service has been purchased from Cephas Consulting within the last 18 months prior to this request).