Zachman Framework Training


Modeling with the Zachman Framework - 2 Day Course

For organizations seeking to leverage the power of the Zachman Framework using the Enterprise Architect modeling tool.

Why Choose This Course?

This training is extremely valuable if your organization is ready to:
  • Raise the maturity level of its modeling practices through the use of a very solid, comprehensive and mature architectural framework.
  • Either adopt or expand the use of a low cost yet powerful repository-based modeling tool that can easily integrate with other operational tools of the organization.
  • Empower its modelers with practical guidance on how to best map the Cell definitions of the Framework to the capabilities provided by Enterprise Architect.

Course Overview

Modeling with the Zachman Framework is a course designed to impart best practices relating to the utilization of the framework implementation provided by Sparx Systems (for details please refer to the Sparx webpage for the Zachman Framework implementation).
Depending on the type of license purchased from Sparx Systems the Zachman Framework may or may not be included in your installation.
Please note that this course only provides the foundation necessary for a modeler to properly define the artifacts defined by the Zachman Framework's taxonomy. For a deeper understanding of the framework's fundamental concepts please see the official Zachman Framework homepage.

Who Should Attend?

Project managers, business subject-matter-experts, analysts, architects, designers and all other personnel who are intended to populate the framework with any of the numerous model elements required to complete its different levels of abstraction and interrogatives.

What Will You Learn?

Course Modules

Module: Introduction to Enterprise Architect

  • User Interface
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Diagrams
  • Creating Diagram Elements
  • Managing Diagram Element Appearance
  • Deleting Model Elements
  • Managing Connectors
  • Managing Package Content
  • Tool Configuration
Module: Traceability and Navigation
  • Overview
  • The Relationships window
  • The Relationship Matrix
  • The Traceability window
  • Other traceability features

Zachman Framework

Module: Framework Interface in EA
  • Creating a Framework Instance
  • Additional Add-in Menu Options
Module: Perspectives
  • The rows of the framework
Module: Abstractions
  • The columns of the framework
Module: Cells
  • Resources
  • Functions
  • Networks
  • Organizations
  • Timings
  • Motivations
Module: Partitioning the Framework
  • Vertical slicing
  • Horizontal slicing
Module: Integrating the Framework
  • Scope Integration
  • Horizontal Integration
  • Vertical Integration
Module: Conclusions
  • Modeling Guidelines
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Framework
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Enterprise Architect Implementation
  • Recommendations

Tool Features

Module: Core Features
  • Documentation Generation
  • Document Artifacts
  • Model Searches
  • Managing Baselines and Comparing Models
Module: End-to-End Exercise
  • The online bookstore model (or a User defined exercise)


This course eases the learning curve of adopting the framework for any contributor to the enterprise’s repository of business and technical knowledge. The comprehensive nature of the ZF makes it a challenge to maintain a global picture of all the links and inter-dependencies between Cells. This is addressed by providing a complete end-to-end example throughout the training. Getting the entire team ‘on the same page’ in terms of both the precise modeling semantics of each Cell as well as the responsibilities of each member for providing its proper content is indispensable for a successful adoption of the framework.

In addition, since the framework itself does not define a meta-model, the training class will suggest alternative notations for populating the Cells from the defaults proposed by Enterprise Architect.

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