Business Process Modeling Notation Training


Business Process Modeling Notation

For organizations seeking to harness a formal, industry standard notation for specifying their business processes using the Enterprise Architect tool.

Why Choose this Course?

Are Visio flowcharts not cutting it for your projects? Are you seeking a more precise and consistent way to describe your business processes? This BPMN™ course enables students to unambiguously specify every aspect of  business (or other) processes, including their flow, intervening events, exchanged messages, participants, data input/output, etc.

Course Overview

The Business Process Modeling Notation™ (BPMN™ 2.0) course teaches participants how to leverage this standard graphical language for specifying (business) process models.

A formal BPMN™ process model mitigates the ambiguity often associated with narrative specifications, and provides the source from which, optionally, executable workflow specifications can be generated.

Each course offered covers both the core features of Enterprise Architect as well as the BPMN™ language (at a specific level of detail for that course), and includes many hands-on exercises. 

What will you learn?

Course Modules

Module: Introduction to Enterprise Architect

  • User Interface
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Diagrams
  • Creating Diagram Elements
  • Managing Diagram Element Appearance
  • Deleting Model Elements
  • Managing Connectors
  • Managing Package Content
  • Tool Configuration

BPMN 2.0

Module: Core Concepts
  • Overview
  • Process
  • Steps for modeling a Business Process
  • Flow Objects
    • Events
      • Handling strategies
      • Event Types
        • Cancel, Timer, Conditional, Signal, etc.
      • Start, End, and Intermediate Event
    • Activity
      • Sub-Process
        • Event Sub-Process
        • Transaction Sub-Process
      • Task
        • Send, Receive, Service, User, Manual, Rule, Script
      • Call Activity
      • Loop semantics
    • Gateway
      • Exclusive
      • Inclusive
      • Parallel
      • Event-based
      • Complex
  • Lanes
    • Mapping to Roles
  • Items and Data
    • Data Object and Data Association
  • Artifacts
    • Group, Text Annotation, Association
  • Sequence Flow
  • Common Elements
    • Message, Error, Escalation, Resource, Signal,...
  • Compensation Handling
  • Collaboration Models
    • Pool
    • Participant
    • Partner Entity/Role
    • Message Flow
Module: End-to-End Exercise
  • The Change Control Board (CCB) Process, or a User defined exercise

Who Should Attend?

This training caters to business/system analysts, enterprise architects, and domain experts. It is of value to any person who is looking to use a standard, versatile, and easy to understand graphical notation for modeling business processes.


This course helps participants respond to the growing demand for business process models that can not only reside in the same metadata repository as other software development artifacts, but also be explicitly traced to these artifacts.

Furthermore, it enables students to clearly understand each concept used in the language via increasingly complex example diagrams and hands-on exercises.

Available Courses

Business Process Modeling with BPMN using Enterprise Architect (Primer)

Business Process Modeling with BPMN using Enterprise Architect (Intermediate Level)

Contact us for advanced training options, or to request a customized curriculum!

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