XPDL-To-BPMN Conversion

Convert XPDL Process Flows Into BPMN 2.0 models

  • Do you have a portfolio of business process flows, modeled perhaps with tools such as Bizagi Modeler or iGrafx® FlowCharter®, that you would like to import into Enterprise Architect?
  • Are you able to export these models into XPDL 2 conformant files?
While your current business process modeling platform may be great for visually representing these flows, what it probably lacks is a back-end repository in which the process steps can be formally related to either upstream metadata (business goals, rules, requirements, capabilities, etc.) or to downstream artifacts such as SOA services, applications, systems, and databases.

Consider the benefits of importing these process models into Enterprise Architect using our service offering:

  • Mapping of all processes to the standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN 2.0) from the XPDL 2 files.
  • Full traceability of the processes, sub-processes and activities to other model artifacts in the repository, enabling impact analysis.
  • Availability of all the tool's capabilities for managing the flows, such as version control, documentation generation, simulation and, optionally, process execution via BPEL.

Take advantage of our expertise in BPMN along with our thorough understanding of the XPDL specification  to finally obtain the return-on-investment of documenting your process flows.

Interested in a demonstration of this service? Please contact us!

How Does the Service Work?

You provide us with:

  • A representative sample of the XPDL files to be converted.
  • The total number of XPDL files to be imported.
  • Any special mapping rules.
Based on this input, and using our XPDL-to-BPMN conversion engine, we provide you with:
  • The sample process flows converted into BPMN (as an XMI export, or in an Enterprise Architect repository).
  • A document listing the issues (if any) encountered during the conversion.
  • A price quote for the complete conversion of your files.

While many vendors support the XPDL 2 standard, we traditionally notice inconsistencies in the way the specification is implemented, including the addition of custom properties. Therefore we always anticipate the need for tweaking the code to accommodate special situations, and consequently we are not currently selling the conversion software.

Instead we run the imports in house and provide you with the resulting BPMN models (we have no problem in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the confidentiality of your files).

How successful are these conversions? With rare exceptions, the complete model as exported to the XPDL file is successfully mapped to BPMN, requiring only minor manual updates to finalize the conversion (generally these consist of improving the routing of some connectors, and moving floating labels or annotations). Be aware that Enterprise Architect may not support some of the coloring features supported by the native tool.

There is no charge for analyzing your sample XPDL files so please contact us if interested!