Company History

Cephas Consulting Corp. was founded in 2001 by the current president of the Company. The Company quickly earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner that always demonstrates its value in practice. Throughout the years it has maintained a reputation for high professionalism and excellent customer service. It is this viability that kept the company open during difficult economic times.

Cephas continues to provide innovative solutions to the complex modeling needs of its client base.

To provide its customers the most cost effective, flexible modeling solutions available, Cephas has kept its offerings current with constantly renewed training, consulting and mentoring services.

Consequently our customer base has grown to include some of the largest companies in the country. In addition, we have increased our ability to operate in conjunction with first rate partner organizations. Our Company can serve many customers simultaneously, while still providing the high quality service it is renowned for.

Cephas continues to expand its offering with support for emerging modeling standards and frameworks, as well as with new products, services and custom solutions. Our future developments aim to provide even more flexibility to our clients and partners.

Company Profile

Products, Services, Facilities


Cephas Consulting provides innovative and breakthrough solutions for global companies. Our mission is to offer a broad range of products and services centered around state of the art modeling technologies, so our clients can succeed in a competitive business world.

We provide tactical and strategic solutions that allow our customers to leverage emerging technologies and streamline existing development processes. Our solutions are tailored to satisfy your business requirements and position you effectively in addressing the challenging needs of the marketplace.