Enterprise Architect Support Offer

Sparx Systems offers support for its Enterprise Architect tool only via email.

In North America, Cephas provides you with the option to extend this default assistance with telephone, email and web based support!


Cephas Consulting Corp. offers a First Level Support service related to the usage of the Enterprise Architect modeling tool. This type of support is provided offsite, by means of telephone calls, email exchanges and/or web presentations.

The service is available Monday through Friday, with the exception of public holidays, during normal business hours (PDT/PST). Responses to calls or emails are generally provided within 24 hours of their receipt.

First level support is provided with regards to Enterprise Architect related usability questions, best practice recommendations and technical issues. The support provided is limited to:

  • Making a best effort at finding workarounds for critical technical failures during any hours where Sparx Systems support may not be available due to time-zone differences.
  • Responding to general usability questions and issues.
  • Acting as a first level support for Sparx Systems, in order to qualify technical issues and speed up their resolution.

Important: Cephas Consulting is not responsible for the technical support of the Enterprise Architect modeling tool. Technical software and product support – bug reporting and new feature requests – is provided solely by Sparx Systems, under the terms and conditions of the EULA/Support license agreement between the end User and Sparx Systems.

To review the terms and conditions, and obtain a quote, please contact us!