Viewpoint-to-Viewpoint Transformation

Viewpoint-to-Viewpoint Transformation Service


Would you like to be able to automatically convert viewpoints/diagrams from one modeling notation into another, for example :

  • From a multi-level business process modeled in BPMN™ into a composite UML® Activity diagram?
  • From existing UML® or other diagrams into viewpoints of the UAF® or UPDM™ Frameworks?
  • From UML® Class diagrams into SysML Block diagrams?
These are just some of the capabilities of our Viewpoint-to-Viewpoint Transformation Service (V2TS)!
While Enterprise Architect already supports a generic transformation engine, the key differences with our Service are that:
  • The former operates from a source package (or package hierarchy) to another package (hierarchy) while the latter transforms from a viewpoint/diagram into another diagram (including nested diagrams). So the scope is different.
  • Our service faithfully reproduces the source diagram layout into the target layout, while allowing certain diagram elements to be passed through unchanged, or simply filtered out. The tool's built-in transformation engine does not build target diagrams.
  • The service allows for the target package to be dynamically selected.
Note that during the transformation process the Service creates the same level of traceability between source and target elements as does Enterprise Architect.
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How Does the Service Work?

You specify:
  • The number of transformations needed in your development process.
  • For each transformation, the source and target viewpoint/diagram type.
  • The source meta-model to target meta-model mapping rules (elements and relationships), including elements to filter out or pass through.
  • The destination package of the transformation (if the target is a framework such as UPDM the package can be automatically determined. Optionally you can stipulate a specific package name or be prompted for one during the transformation process).
Starting with our core transformation engine we:
  • Build the rules according to your specifications.
  • Test out the transformations, preferably using sample models you provide.
  • Deliver the Service to you in the form of an EA extension.
In addition to the base Service itself you can optionally, on an annual basis, purchase:
  • Support.
  • Upgrades and improvements.
Similarly to Enterprise Architect, the license to the Service never expires!
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