Consulting and Mentoring

You have purchased your Enterprise Architect licenses and the team of modelers has gone through the required set of training classes. You now understand the basic capabilities of the tool, and feel comfortable with the modeling notations and/or frameworks you are going to use.
But are you really ready to start applying everything your learned?
  • You know how to produce model artifacts, but do you know when and to what level of detail?
  • You know which models need to be produced, but do you know how these fit within your development process? Do you have a process?
  • You know that certain people/roles are responsible for creating specific models, but can you measure their completion and accuracy?
  • You know the tool can generate documentation, but do you know how to best structure the repository to facilitate that generation?
  • You know the tool supports version control, but do you know how to best distribute model content across Packages to minimize access conflicts?
  • You know EA provides many traceability features, but can you find missing or inconsistent relationships?
The above list, which is by no means exhaustive, exemplifies how your organization can greatly benefit from our tailored consulting and mentoring services that address these kinds of gaps and issues.
Consulting does not need to cost a fortune! We will work with you in adjusting the engagement to fit your budget. Common approaches are "just-in-time" consulting, conducting periodic reviews and checkpoints, or developing automation scripts that help you monitor the modeling work without needing our involvement.

The following sections document some consulting and/or mentoring scenarios.

Relevant links are our Enterprise Architect Support, Customization, and Extension services. Contact us to discuss how consulting and mentoring can contribute to the success of your development projects.

EA Installation and Configuration

We can help you with installing the tool, for example on a shared RDBMS, as well as configure it for security, version control, or other concurrent access purposes.

Model Structure

Let us assist you in designing the model (package) structure that best fits your needs. For example, if your primary goal is to generate a software architecture or design specification out of the model, a package hierarchy can be defined that highly facilitates that purpose.
If on the other hand the main concern is minimizing concurrent access problems then the structure will be very different!

Process Alignment

At Cephas Consulting we are process/methodology agnostic and can help you align your modeling tasks and deliverables to any methodology you have selected.
If you are not sure what the process should be we can help you define a base level one!


When starting with a new notation, or with modeling practices in general, having a set of expert eyes periodically review the models for accuracy, consistency, compliance, or other units of measurement can have a tremendous impact on the success of your project/s!