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Inside an organization, modeling can be used for many different reasons, at varied levels of abstraction: for documentation purposes, for analysis only, for base level design, for architecture validation. Or, in a true model-driven-architecture environment, for all of the above!

One overriding purpose should always be to reduce as much a possible the gap between the business stakeholders (the folks who fund the projects) and the developers who are tasked with delivering the IT solutions, be they home grown, acquired, or typically a combination of both. If anything, our current economic paradigm which promotes outsourcing practices widens that gap even more.

Well defined models, by unambiguously defining the system requirements, constraints, rules and architecture, provide the means to narrow this divergence significantly, resulting in faster time-to-market and better quality software.

This is the area where Cephas Consulting can play the crucial role of fostering state-of-the-art modeling practices through tailored training, consulting, mentoring and extending tool capabilities, leading to a measurable return on investment for its clients.   Over a period of more than ten years Cephas has acquired a reputation for delivering unique and dynamic strategies that have impacted the bottom line of businesses across North America.

We partner with you to assess your needs and develop a customized strategic program of coaching, consulting and training to achieve your goals.   Our high quality range of services are convenient and can fit most budgets. And since many of our services are available by telephone, email and web, we can work with clients all over the world. Call or email us now!