Software (UML) Architecture Validation Extension

This add-in to Enterprise Architect (version 12.1 or later) provides an extensive rule-based validation of the quality and consistency of your (UML-based) software architecture models created. The default rule set can be customized by the end User.

The validation rules supported include:
  • Connector related rules:
    • Verifying that only selected connectors are used between specific element types.
    • Verifying that each Sequence diagram Message relates back to a defined Operation in the model.
    • Reporting relationships which are not visible on any diagram (orphan connectors).
    • Finding relationships for which either the actual source or target element is not present in the model (i.e. only exists as a placeholder).
    • Verifying that association ends have a defined multiplicity and role name.
  • Diagram related rules:
    • Reporting empty diagrams.
    • Finding diagram elements which are not connected to any other element on the same diagram.
    • Locating elements with no classifier defined (i.e. orphan objects in instance level diagrams).
  • Element related rules:
    • Finding elements which are not present on any diagram AND have no relationships (orphan elements).
    • Reporting elements of specific types with no documentation/description.
    • Reporting elements of specific types with duplicate names.
    • Locating elements of specific types (e.g. Requirements) which are not realized by any other element in the model.
    • Locating elements of two specific types (A,B) for which no A-to-B relationships exist.
    • Finding elements (e.g. UML Components) which are not realizing a UML Interface.
    • Finding elements for which the actual classifier is no longer present in the model (i.e. only exists as a placeholder).
    • Locating Attributes for which the classifier is no longer present in the model.
    • Locating Operations parameter and return value data types for which the classifier is no longer present in the model.
The validation can be performed for a selected package hierarchy, or for the entire model. Individual rules can be disabled by default, or disabled on a per session basis.
Rule violations are reported in a dedicated tab of the System Output window, with active hyperlinks to the offending element, property or diagram.

For further details of how the extension operates, please see the End User Documentation.

To integrate your own custom rules into the extension, please contact us!

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20+USD 60.00USD 80.00
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