SABSA® Security Architecture Extension

This plug-in to Enterprise Architect (version 13.x or later) embeds an MDG technology to facilitate the modeling of a SABSA® Security Architecture.

The technology allows the Enterprise Architect modeler to complete all the cells of the framework using either custom-built diagram types and toolboxes, standard languages such as the Business Motivation Model (BMM), Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), and the Unified Modeling Language (UML), or Enterprise Architect modeling extensions such as Org Charts, Business Logistics, and Database Schema diagrams.

The main features of the extension are:
  • A framework index page, with pre-built diagram hyperlinks (as shown in the above picture).
  • A template folder/package structure from which new instances of the framework can be quickly created. The structure includes:
    • A folder and default diagram for each cell in the framework.
    • Many pre-built Relationship Matrix specifications (to quickly establish traceability), query definitions, and diagram legends.
    • Predefined libraries for:
      • Business attributes.
      • Business impact types.
      • Requirement types.
      • Security mechanisms.
      • Security services.
      • Tool and product types.
      • Threat categories.
      • Threat agents.
  • Dedicated diagram types and toolboxes/stencils.
  • Specialized SABSA® specific element and connector types, many with custom properties. Additional custom properties can of course be added to any SABSA® Security Architecture element.
For further details of how the extension operates, see the End User Documentation. For background information on the integration with Enterprise Architect, please view the Modeling a SABSA® based Enterprise Security Architecture using Enterprise Architect paper.
Contact us to see a demonstration of how the extension operates, or to customize it in order to meet your specific security architecture modeling requirements.

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License TypePrice
Fixed (dedicated license)USD 100.00
Floating (shared license)USD 130.00
Site (unlimited Users)USD 450.00
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