System Architecture Modeling Extension

This add-in to Enterprise Architect (version 12.1 or later) embeds a UML profile (inside an MDG Technology) to facilitate the modeling of complex system architectures. Often these types of diagrams are built in Microsoft Visio to take advantage of its graphical representation features.

The profile allows the Enterprise Architect modeler to quickly build visually appealing system architecture diagrams that convey a maximum of technical information in a minimum of graphical footprint.
The main features of the extension are:
  • A new System Architecture diagram. Its toolbox/stencil includes:
    • Standard UML Deployment diagram types such as Node, Device,  Artifact, Communication Path, Deployment, and Manifest.
    • Specialized UML Artifacts of type Application, Software, and Technology, each with predefined custom properties such as date-in-production, date-retired, release & version number, vendor name, and status.
    • Specialized UML Node types for modeling different kinds of servers (application, database, directory, email, printer, and web), each with predefined custom properties including hardware, IP address, physical location, OS, and array type (pooled, clustered, etc.)
    • Additional Node types to represent databases, websites, and workstations. Each of these support relevant custom properties.
    • A specialized firewall Device, with custom properties.
    • Specialized UML execution environments such as Cloud and Network Zones.
    • A Network type, available both as an element and as a connector, with a predefined selection of protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, SSL, etc.)
  • All elements specializing either UML Node or Device can be graphically represented in one of 3 ways, using a "ShowAs" tagged value property:
    • Image only.
    • Standard UML rectangle, but with a small image in the right hand corner.
    • A mixed display showing an image on the left and a (subset) of custom properties on the right.
  • Other features:
    • Software, Application, or Technology Artifacts that are child elements of a specialized Node or Device are listed in automatically created distinct compartments (when the Artifacts are not visible on the current diagram).
    • Generic Node and Device elements are provided to allow the User to select their own image representation from the tool's Image Library.
    • The graphical representation of all specialized Node or Device elements in a diagram can be changed by setting the stereotype value of the diagram. This overrides any settings at the element level for that diagram.

Additional custom properties can of course be added to any System Architecture element.

For further details of how the extension operates, please see the End User Documentation.

To customize this extension in order to meet your specific system architecture modeling requirements, please contact us!

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20+USD 50.00USD 65.00
Unlimited (site license)USD 350.00
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